The project “Recalling the Roma and Sinti Holocaust. Paths insider the Memory” (RECALL) – 555489-CITIZ-1-2014-1-IT-CITIZ-REMEM, is promoted by the Opera Nomadi Nazionale and is realised in the frame of the Europe for Citizens Programme – Strand 1 – European Remembrance.

Its objective is to promote a common, transnational reflection on: the “Porrajmos” (or “Samudaripen“), namely the extermination of  the Roma and Sinti people during the World War II; the deportations suffered in Romania and Italy by Roma, Sinti and Travellers; the contribution, still not well known, that Roma and Sinti people gave the Resistance and to the Liberation from Nazi-Fascism in many countries, including Italy and Bulgaria.

Recall promotes the collection of memories of survivors and relatives of the Roma exterminated during the World War II, through:

  • video-interviews
  • dissemination workshops at schools of partner countries and interactive workshops focused on storytelling and performances that will allow to appreciate the Roma/Sinti culture
  • conferences and remembrance events
  • an exhibition on material and immaterial Romanì culture